Implementation Services

Arrowhead's Innovation driven integrated (AIDI) implementation delivery Model will help our client to enable right technology that drives value and benefits to build a stronger business

Arrowhead's unique way of engaging our client believes that our client must strike a balance between exploiting the standardized capabilities within a new enterprise solution while maintaining and exploiting some of clients existing, strategic capabilities and future requirements. Business processes are enabled by technology, but not dictated by it and hence we need to determine the appropriate balance of making costly changes to IT Landscape and driving business benefit for our clients. Our implementation service and consulting framework build stronger business capability by enabling technology to drive values and benefits.

While strengthening business capabilities of our client's, Arrowhead's unique "Innovation driven integrated" implementation delivery model - AIDI aligned with the business objective of our clients will help to ensure the smooth delivery of the implementation services. Our delivery model will

Arrowhead will ensure end-to-end implementation delivery excellence through engaging:

  • Domain Experts to enable industry best practices.
  • Consulting group to focus on technology alignment and deliver best-practice processes.
  • Center of excellence team to co-own the delivery.
  • Service delivery groups focused on and specialized in implementation services who can assure the fastest and most effective implementation.
  • Along with technical execution, executive management that will ensure program effectiveness, working with the PMO office to assure the highest possible business value.
Our delivery team will leverage our innovation center for proofs of concept required to support any niche technology based process scenarios needed by our clients.

In a nutshell, Arrowhead's approach will maximize the benefits of implementation services by:

  • Enabling a fully-integrated process chain to reduce costs and maximize returns.
  • Incorporating industry-proven best practices covering all aspects of the solution including methodology, tools and accelerators.
  • Providing effective organizational change management.
  • Delivering improved capabilities and flexibility.
  • Reinvesting cost savings to accelerate growth.