Consumer Durable

"Redesign the way how you produce durables., Challenge demand forecasting., rewire supply chain processes".

Many consumer durables companies need to find innovative ways to run their shop floor. Increasing challenge in consumer durable companies on forecasting demands, struggles in supply chain processes and managing the inventory block the organization to accelerate consumer demands.

Arrowhead will work with leading organizations to build brand equity, optimize costs and streamline demand-driven operation. Arrowhead experts forward thinking attitude brings today's consumer , produce tomorrow's product and deliver future demand.

Our Services

Application services

Irrespective of any application we use, enhancing the consumer value chain, bringing service excellence in product innovation drives the consumer market. We have extensive experience with leading software suites used in this industry, including SAP & Infor.


Stay up to date with consumer data, product information while in transit.. Bring real time data to the way consumer thinks.. Our expertise builds mobile application to bring consumer closer to the product innovators, Collaborate experience together while improving consumer experience.