Bigdata - Hadoop

"BigArrow – Our flexible framework will help our customer to manage Big data".

Enterprises have long realized the value of converging and analyzing business, social media and 36 degree activities across diverse organizational functions and systems to understand the business better. In today’s work culture, there are complexity in managing the volumes in all levels while encouraging the employees and business partners to collaborate with external world, BYOD and many more initiatives to bring innovations to the company and stay competitive .

Hadoop and a supporting ecosystem of complementing technologies, building blocks, and Our Unique "BigArrow" framework today provide one of the most powerful, mature, and compelling answers to problems in this domain. We understand the market today strive to "Run Different and Run Better" and this made possible at costs that make sense in today's highly budget constrained economic environment.

Arrowhead, as an experienced solution provider, Our expertise covers the array of relevant tooling, frameworks, and building blocks. Our pre-verified and gaps-addressed core Hadoop framework "BigArrow" remove the guess work out of implementation success. When you are ready to move to the new world of millennial driven, our solution and deployment expertise across Hadoop in varied deployment models ensure you have a smooth transition - Experience Big data transformation at Arrowhead!

Our Expertise and service offerings:

  • Comprehensive expertise: Data aggregation, Storage, Parallel Processing, Analytics, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning.
  • Hadoop-focused QA: Comprehensive Big data verification, Cluster benchmarking, and Performance tuning expertise: Methodology, tooling, and practices.
  • Leveraging deep expertise in BI.
  • Expertise: Consulting, Implementation, Migration, and Administration.
  • Research focus: RnD, Analysis solutions, Bridge Solutions, Application Frameworks and Best practices.